12 Oct 2014| About the future of this site…

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Hey guys!

I just wanted to make this little announcement about the future of this site.

Due to time constraints, I am no longer able to run this site how I would like to. I firmly believe in giving 100% and if I’m not able to do that, then I don’t think it is fair to continue with the site. I think Claire and her fans only deserve the best, and unfortunately I can’t provide that anymore.

So therefore, this site will close. Due to my hosting, I can’t keep this site online, so in a few days time it will be deleted. I wanted to give everyone a heads up about the situation so that if there is anything you would like to save, then you can do so. I also didn’t want people coming here and suddenly finding the site gone without an explanation.

I would like to thank everyone (including Claire) for their support of the site over the years it has been online. I really have appreciated the lovely words you have all said about Claire van der Boom Online.

It’s been a pleasure running this site and following Claire’s career (which of course, we’ll all still be following!). But sadly, this site has to come to an end (like all good things!).

Thanks again everyone and all the best!


11 Jul 2014| Article: Aussie actress lands role in Tim Roth film

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IF.com.au has details about a new film project for Claire. She will be seen in Michel Franco’s upcoming film Chronic, playing a character named Alice.

Aussie actress lands role in Tim Roth film
by Don Groves, 10th July 2014, IF.com.au

Claire van der Boom is a big fan of Tim Roth and Mexican director Michel Franco, so much so that she flew to Los Angeles and back this week for a supporting role in Chronic, Franco’s first English-language film.

Roth plays a depressed nurse named David who assists terminally-ill patients while trying to reconnect with the family he abandoned.

Bitsie Tulloch, who stars in the NBC series Grimm, plays a woman named Lidia, whose father John is portrayed by Pulitzer-winning playwright Michael Cristofer.

Van der Boom is Alice, a pretty, bubbly, sensitive woman. She is uncomfortable with David’s story about his dead wife, epecially as her boyfriend has just proposed to her.

The indie film is produced by David Zonana, Gabriel Ripstein and Franco. David Dastmalchian (Prisoners), who was recently cast in Marvel’s Ant-Man, is in talks to join the film, according to Deadline.com.

Continue reading at: IF.com.au

9 Jul 2014| Love is Now: New Aussie film starring Claire!

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Claire posted the following photo on her Instagram account today, announcing her involvement in an upcoming Aussie film, Love Is Now.

As you can see by the photo, Claire will play a character named Audrey.

Also starring in the film will be Eamon Farren, who Aussie’s saw recently in the brilliant ABC telemovie, Carlotta.

6 Jul 2014| Article: NRL goes for Broke in message to problem gamblers

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The following article about “Broke” appeared in today’s edition of The Sun-Herald in Sydney:

NRL goes for Broke in message to problem gamblers
by Adrian Proszenko, 5th July 2014, The Sydney Morning Herald

Finally, here is a rugby league drama the NRL is proud of.

Some of Australia’s finest actors – including rising Hollywood star Claire van der Boom and local legends Steve Le Marquand and Steve Bastoni – are currently filming Broke, a new film dealing with the issue of problem gambling in rugby league.

The project, being shot in Gladstone, Queensland, is hoping to raise awareness about gambling issues and will donate all profits to the Men of League Foundation. And in what is believed to be a first, the NRL has partly provided funding for the project in the hope it will also serve as an educational tool for its players.

Van der Boom, who starred alongside Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton in the recent drama Life Itself, said she jumped at the opportunity to return to Australia for a “gritty” role.

“As a community we brush over when things get dirty,” she said.

“We love our sports stars to be on top of their game and when they’re down we’re a bit embarrassed by them. It’s important to give them a voice because these things are happening more and more.

“We don’t always support people in the community when they implode, particularly if they have some celebrity status. I’m always looking for projects that are saying something about our world.”

Continue reading at: Sydney Morning Herald

30 Jun 2014| Gallery Update: June Appearances

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I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Claire from a few appearances she has done over the past few weeks. Broke has began filming in the Queensland town of Gladstone and to celebrate, Claire and her fellow co-stars and crew have been making appearances around the town.

One of the appearances saw Claire visit the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on Quoin Island, which looks an incredibly beautiful place. You can see more photos from each of these events at the Broke Official Facebook Page.

 •    Appearances > 2014 > Jun 11 – Broke Production Launch Night
 •    Appearances > 2014 > Jun 15 – Broke Acting Workshop
 •    Appearances > 2014 > Jun 21 – Quoin Island Visit

30 Apr 2014| Low Life is ONLINE!

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Exciting news! Low life is now online with all 6 episodes ready for everyone to enjoy! Click the banner below and go straight to the official site where you can watch the series!

28 Apr 2014| Low Life Launch Party Photos

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Recently Claire attended the Low life launch party in Los Angeles and I’ve added a few photos to the gallery which are courtesy of the Low Life Facebook page. Be sure to visit the Facebook page for even more photos from the night!

Low Life will launch online in just 2 days, on April 30th! Head to the official site for all the latest and the see the series itself! Can’t wait to see it!!

 •    Appearances > 2014 > Apr 17 – Low Life Launch Party